Here are some pictures from the Kenyukai Karate Club. These have been gathered from our tournaments, picnics, and other events over the years. Enjoy! Please ask permission before using any of these pictures.

This is a picture of the Shorinjiryu Kenyukai Karate Club Banner hanging from the dojo wall in East Setauket.

This picture was taken in 1994 at the Ed Taylorson Memorial Tournament in Baltimore. Kenyukai Karate Club Black Belts from far right include: Steve Gagliano, Paul Basarico, Shihan Minoru Morita (4th from right), Gregg Warner, Bill Mason, Tony D'Avino (7th from right), and Andrew Puciai. Underbelts include Grace and Chris Laterza, Lisa, Jean and Sabrina Anderson, Holly Jaskawitz, Jerry Lauren and Jared Sperber, and Owen Whitehurst.

This Picture was also taken at the Ed Taylorson Memorial Tournament. From Left to right: (top row) Sensei Anthony D'Avino, Shihan Watanabe, Sensei William Mason, and Jean Anderson. (bottom row) Owen Whitehurst, Sabrina Anderson, Chris Laterza, and Grace Laterza.