These are some basic rules and values that we base our training and our lives on.

MOTTO: Spiritual Developement of Individuality in Mind and Body

1. Learn correct manners: How to address your Sensei(Teacher) and your senior (Sempai). Show respect for your seniors (Sempai-Kohai relationship) inside as well as outside the dojo.

2. Follow the rules for self-discipline: Maintain a clean karate gi, a clean body, and keep your finger and toenails trimmed very short. Keep the mat and dressing room areas clean. Do not enter prohibited areas of the dojo.

3. Meet all people with a friendly and courteous greeting.

4. Learn, understand, believe, and live what Karate-do, both past and present, means to you.

5. Confide with Sensei about any disabilities or illnesses that might keep you from performing to your fullest.

6. Practice the SPIRIT of Karate-do. Push yourself to the outermost limits all the time.

7. Develope the spirit of teamwork and the willingness to help your fellow karateka (karate students) as a member of the family.

8. Strive to develop your character and personality as much as you strive to develop your body and skills.

9. Be patient with others, and most of all be patient with yourself, although patience is not a requirement for belt rank or a measure of ability, it is an indication of maturity which is a requirement.

10. Learn to help each other inside as well as outside of the dojo.

11. Attend all Karate-do functions with a clear and sober mind and body.