Why Should I Take Karate?

There are many reasons to take karate. Everyone has their own individual motivation, and it is usually based around a few of the reasons listed below. This is just a basic list, there are thousands of other reasons.

* SELF-DEFENSE: Studying karatedo will teach you how to effectively defend yourself. Although many people have the idea that, 'it will never happen to me', it often does. It is a wise idea to know what to do when attacked, but more importantly, to know how to avoid the fight in the first place.

* FITNESS: Practicing karate will get you in great shape. Everyone's physical characteristics are different, but studying the martial arts will help you become physically stronger. Young or old, man or woman, karate will help you attain your peak physical fitness level. Karate also promotes a healthy way of life in general.

* SELF-DISCIPLINE: Karate helps improve self-discipline. This will not only help you persue the 'Spiritual Developement of Individuality in Mind and Body' (See basic tenets), but it also helps in other aspects of life. Ask any martial artist if karate has helped them in their everyday lives and they will say YES!

* SELF-CONFIDENCE: The martial arts will boost your self-esteem and make you more confident in your own actions. Your attitude will gradually shift from 'I can't do this' to 'yeah, I can do this, all I need to do is try'.

* FUN!!- Karate is always a lot of fun. Whether you are training in your dojo (karate school), or participating in a martial arts tournament, you will always enjoy yourself. Studying karate can make you a happier person, and its also a great way to make friends.

***** There are an infinite amount of reasons, but only a finite amount of webspace, so we'll stop with these for now************